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Iverjohn 12 is an anti-parasitic medicine employed to cure parasitic or worm-related illnesses such as river blindness, onchocerciasis, filariasis, intestinal strongyloidiasis, and many more. An FDA-certified drug, ivermectin is the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) used in the composition of Iverjohn-12 tablets in a strength of 12 mg per tablet. Iverjohn-12 is a brand name for ivermectin tablets, which JohnLee Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, a worldwide famous pharma company, manufactures. One box of Iverjohn-12 contains ten strips, each containing ten tablets in Alu-Alu packaging.

The right way to consume Iverjohn-12 tablet

  • The right way to take an ivermectin tablet is by consuming the prescribed dose by a registered physician. It would help if you did not take random doses by yourself. You must consult a doctor to diagnose the severity of the illness and present health condition so that a doctor can prescribe the correct amount at the right frequency. This practice will give you the benefits and relief faster from illness.
  • You should not break, crush, or chew the medicine because it might produce an unpleasant taste in your mouth and irritation in your throat, which generates a neuronal signal to the brain, causing vomiting.
  • Take a tablet or prescribed dose with plenty of water and drink additional water as needed.
  • As per FDA recommendation, you must consume the medicine at least 1 hour before or 2-3 hours after having food.
  • In any uncomfortable situation that occurs after taking the pill, kindly inform your doctor to address the issue.


Uses of Iverjohn-12 tablets

Iverjohn-12 tablets can be used in various parasitic diseases such as-

  • Ascariasis is an intestinal infection caused by eating or drinking unhygienic food carrying roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides).
  • Loiasis is an eye infection caused by the parasite Loa loa, which is spread by deerflies bites.
  • Head lice infection- parasitic illness results in dry scalp and severe hair loss.
  • Scabies- it is a skin infection with intolerable itching and redness.
  • Filariasis is, also known as elephantiasis caused by the parasite wuchereria bancrofti and spread by infected mosquitos.
  • Onchocerciasis is also known as river blindness and is generally spread by blackfly bites carrying the onchocerca volvulus parasite. Iverjohn-12 can be employed as first-line treatment in such cases.
  • Intestinal Stongyloidiasis- it is a threadworm infection generally spread through contaminated soil. Ivermectin is a first-choice drug in such cases.

Side effects of Ivermectin drug

Some common side effects associated with ivermectin are-

  • Constipation- trouble in passing stools.
  • Lethargy- weakness in the body and lack of energy
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Stomach upset leads to vomiting
  • Feel giddiness
  • Pruritus- itchy skin condition with redness
  • Critical side effects associated with ivermectin drugs are-
  • Ocular toxicity causes blurry vision or loss of sight.
  • Bradycardia- a condition of decreased heart rate
  • Hepatitis is due to hepatotoxicity caused by the accumulation of the drug in the liver.
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Postural hypotension- a condition of reduced blood pressure when changing posture from sitting down to standing.
  • Epidermal necrolysis- skin disease due to adverse reaction to the drug.


Safety Guidelines

  • Pregnant women should consume the drug frequently without consulting a doctor because ivermectin is a teratogenic drug that may produce several body defects in a developing fetus. The pregnant patient should consult a doctor before consuming the medicine.
  • Breastfeeding or lactating women are advised not to take ivermectin drug alone as the drug can pass through the milk to the baby at the time of breastfeeding, which may cause several side effects to the infant.
  • Consumption of alcohol or any narcotic substance while following the regimen of iverjohn-12 can be lethal and dangerous to the patient’s life. Such practice may reduce the working of ivermectin and produce high dizziness in the body, leading to severe side effects.
  • Always follow the complete course of medication as prescribed by a doctor to neutralize the parasitic infection better.


Best place to purchase Iverjohn-12 tablets

A lot of sellers claim to sell authentic ivermectin pills, but the most trusted by people and most recommended platform to purchase Iverjohn-12 tablet is Ivermectine4sale.uk because-

  • You will get only authentic, original, and genuine medicine directly supplied at your doorsteps from the manufacturer without the involvement of any third party.
  • Compared to other sellers, you will find out that the medicine prices are very much lower, and there are various discount coupons and offers available that you can redeem quickly to get a discount on your final bill.
  • You will be assisted by 24/7 customer support for any medicine query.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do iverjohn-12 tablet side effects last?

Common side effects usually last up to a few hours to a couple of days as they will start vanishing as the drug gets metabolized and eliminated from the body. If you find that side effects last longer than a couple of days, you must consult a doctor to avoid future problems.

  1. What is the right time to take Iverjohn-12 pills?

You can consume the pills per a doctor’s recommendation with respect to dose and time. Generally, it is advised to take a prescribed amount at least 45 minutes before or 120 minutes after a meal. Consume the medicine regularly to maintain constant drug concentration in the blood system.

  1. Who should not take iverjohn-12 medicine?

As per FDA, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children below 12 years of age, and patients with a history of any critical life-threatening illness should not consume ivermectin drugs alone. A doctor consultation is advised before consumption. 

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Active Ingredient


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6 To 15 days


Scabies, Filariasis


Menarini India Pvt Ltd


12 Mg


10 tablets in 1 strip


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