Cipmox 250 (Amoxicillin)

Cipmox 250 (Amoxicillin)


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Cipmox 250 mg tablet is the one you can use to treat bacterial infections such as throat, ear, nasal sinuses, urinary tract, soft and skin tissue, respiratory tract, and typhoid fever. One can take Cipmox 250 mg, which helps eliminate the bacteria known as H. pylori in some people with peptic ulcer disease.

This broad-spectrum antibiotic will fight and stop the growth of bacteria. The medicine is best taken with the meal because that will reduce the chances of stomach upset.

What is the use of Cipmox 250 mg?

Cipmox 250 mg can be used for different purposes, which include-

  • Treat bacterial infections in a distinct part of your body.
  • It helps in treating stomach ulcers when it is used in the combination with some other medicine.

How does Cipmox 250 mg work?

Cipmox 250 mg Capsules does work by inhibiting the synthesis of penicillin-binding protein that will lead to the activation of autolytic enzymes in the cell wall of the bacteria. It may result in the destruction or lysis of the bacterial cell wall that helps in preventing the infection from spreading in the affected individuals.

Benefits of Cipmox 250 mg

Cipmox 250 mg can be used to treat different infections caused by bacteria. The infections help you with your blood, brain, lungs, bones, urinary tract, stomach, intestine, and bones. It is also used to cure gum ulcers, other dental infections, pressure sores, and leg ulcers.

The medicine will help you make feel better. However, one should continue taking this medicine as long as it is prescribed. Generally, the drug is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding, but it is better to ask the doctor.


One should take medicine in the dose and duration as the doctor advised. Cipmox 250 mg Capsules can be taken with or without the food, but that will help if you take medicine at a fixed time. There are 15 capsules you can find in one stripe.

  • Overdose

If you or anyone you love have accidentally taken too much of Cipmox 250 mg capsules, it is crucial to consult with the doctor as soon as possible. There can be some overdose symptoms, including upset stomach and crystals in the urine.

  • Missed Dose

If someone misses a dose of Cipmox 250 mg, it will be better to take that as soon as possible. However, if it is time for the next dose, it will be better to skip the missed dose and stay on your regular Schedule. You should never double the dose.

Side Effects


  • Skin Rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea


  • Vomiting

Precautions and warming

  • Pregnancy- Cipmox 250 mg capsules are the one that needs to be used with caution when they are pregnant or women who are planning for pregnancy. It is better to consult and inform the doctor before you take medicine.
  • Breastfeeding- Cipmox 250 mg capsules must be used cautiously during breastfeeding because they may pass through milk. So, you should consult and inform the doctor before you take medicine.
  • Alcohol- One should consume the alcohol with Cipmox 250 mg capsule that does not cause harmful side effects.
  • Driving- Cipmox 250 mg may cause some side effects, affecting driving ability. The symptoms for side effects will be some allergic reaction, convulsions, and dizziness, which makes you unfit to drive.
  • Kidney and Liver Disease- Cipmox 250 mg capsules should be given to kidney or liver disease patients because that may cause harm to them. It will be better to consult the doctor.

How to take Cipmox 250 mg medicine?

Tablet or Capsules

If you are taking Cipmox 250 mg capsules, you should take advice from the physician. You need to swallow the medicine with water. You should not crush or chew the medication. Depending on age, disease condition, and body weight, the doctor will decide on the right dosage and duration.

Dispersible Tablet

If you disperse Cipmox 250 mg capsule in a particular quantity of water as mentioned on the label. You need to consume the mixture instantly after reconstitution. The doctor will decide the right dose and duration depending on the body weight, disease condition, and age.


  • You must keep Cipmox 250 mg out of the reach and sight of the children
  • You must store Cipmox 250 mg capsule that is below 25 degrees Celsius.


Can you use Cipmox 250 mg for a throat infection?

Cipmox 250 mg capsule is used to treat various bacterial infections. It is effective in the infection of the nasal sinuses, ear, respiratory tract, skin and soft tissue, throat, urinary tract, and typhoid fever.

What is the use of Cipmox 250 mg?

Cipmox 250 mg is used to treat different types of bacterial infections. This is quite effective for several various infections. It affects the helpful bacteria in the stomach or intestine. So, you should talk to the doctor about it.

Can you stop taking this medicine if you feel good?

If you want to take Cipmox 250 mg capsules, it is used to treat infections caused by bacteria. You need to finish the prescription even if you start feeling better about it. If you stop it early, that will make the infection come back, making it harder to treat.

Is it safe to use Cipmox 250 mg?

Cipmox 250 mg tablet is considered safe, and you should take it as advised by the physician.


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